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Macs and Malware

Apple this and Apple that. Do the success of the iPhone and more recently the iPad, people have gone iCrazy. Everywhere you go you see people with their heads down laying with iPhones and iPads. However, when it comes to laptops and desktop comput...Read More

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Stick to trusted sources for Olympic streaming.

Olympic scam sites named by tech blog

By May of this year, government officials had already begun to issue warnings about the tactics cybercriminals may employ to take advantage of Olympic enthusiasts. To curb a global demand for Read More

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Keeping Your Data Safe

We now live in a society in which there is such a large amount of information sharing that sometimes we forget how much we are actually sharing. Nowadays, we let one another know not only what we are thinking, but also where. With torrent sites a...Read More

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Employees may spend too much time watching the Olympics at work.

Employees expected to spend work hours streaming Olympics

Given that an estimated 1 billion people around the world are expected to watch the opening ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics this Friday, according to reports, many business owners in the United States are worried that their employees may sp...Read More

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Apple may not be producing a PC version of its Safari browser.

No more Safari for PC users, tech reporters speculate

According to the web development website W3Schools, just over 4 percent of internet users listed Safari as their web browser of choice this past June. The browser, which is a built-in feature of Apple's Mac operating system, falls far behind ...Read More

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The iPad is king among tablets, says Gartner, Inc.

Despite tablet success, Apple falls behind

To the surprise of very few, technology research company Gartner Inc has revealed that Apple iPads accounted for 66 percent of global tablet sales in 2011, with approximately 40 million devices sold. The Associated Press reports that the computer ...Read More

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Hulu has made video streaming even smoother with its latest update.

Computer repair can enhance Hulu’s new video player

If Netflix's astronomical streaming figures prove anything, it's that the warm summer days have done little to pull people away from their computers. The company reportedly logged a landmark 1 billion hours of streaming content in June. ...Read More

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Hospital cybersecurity isn't what it should be, researchers say.

Cybersecurity is a big concern for medical organizations

While many people in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C may get justifiably frustrated if their personal computers are corrupted by spyware or viruses, this issue creates an even bigger hassle in a professional environment.  After all, whe...Read More

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Dell is no longer a PC company, according to the CEO.

PC developers look to other channels for future profits

The combination of Apple's sustained market dominance and the relentless rise of mobile devices has led some PC developers to turn to alternate means for continued profits. Now, one prominent manufacturer of these devices has announced that i...Read More

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The latest Firefox update has a great security boost.

Firefox update boosts online search security

The latest version of the Firefox web browser, Firefox 14, was released on July 17. Following a sweep of cyber attacks that have dominated tech publication headlines over the last few weeks, this update finally gives users some good news regarding...Read More

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