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Certain tools can help consumers remove bloatware from their computer

Useful tools that can uninstall bloatware

Most consumers have encountered bloatware at some point, even if they didn't know how to identify it. These are the frivolous programs that computer manufacturers include on new machines. Things like special toolbars, links to search engines o...Read More

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There are a few steps to take when bringing home a new computer

Steps to take when bringing home a new computer

The excitement of buying a new computer can encourage anyone to start playing with their new machine the moment they tear it out of the box. However, users should take a few steps before they start using their new computer.

Install ...Read More

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Users can use a flash drive to take advantage of ReadyBoost

Getting a grasp on ReadyBoost in Windows Vista and 7

Microsoft offers a number of tips for consumers who want to speed up their computer's performance, including standard virus removal, defragmentation and regu...Read More

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Some consumers had problems installing Lion on their Mac

Troubleshoot installation problems with Mac OS X Lion

When Apple unveiled its newest operating system - Mac OS X Lion - this summer, it was met with all the usual fanfare and attention. Some reviewers praised Apple for again introducing a forward-thinking product that essentially looked to mimic the ...Read More

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Mac computers are not inherently better protected than Windows

Mac computers aren’t exempt from security risks

Many Windows-turned-Mac users bought their new Apple computer with the expectation that they would finally be free from viruses, spyware and other security risks. However, while Macs do experience those threats less frequently, users would be remi...Read More

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Reports say hackers could conceivably change a user's password with relative ease

Security alert: Mac OS X Lion susceptible to password hack

Recent reports show users who have upgraded to the new Mac OS X Lion operating system may need to fortify their login passwords to avoid security threats and serious Read More

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Take time to prepare your Mac for the repair shop

What to do before seeking Mac repair

After trying all the at-home tricks and strategies, sometimes there's nothing left to do but to pack up one's computer and bring it in for professional Ma...Read More

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Booting a computer in Safe Mode may provide better virus scanning capabilities

What do to when anti-virus software doesn’t work

Most PC users know to run a scan with their anti-virus software at the first sign of an infection. However, what happens when a persistent virus stays on a computer even after a scan?

Users have a few at-home alternatives they can try if Pl...Read More

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What do you do if a laptop is working but there is no picture?

The laptop’s running, but there’s no picture

When a desktop computer is running normally but no picture appears on the screen, users can check the cords between the PC and monitor to ensure a connection. But, when a laptop's screen remains blank even after it's been turned on, there ...Read More

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Sound problems can be frustrating for laptop users

Laptop hardware problem: No sound

Sound problems are one of the more common maladies to befall laptops. Typically a sign of a hardware issue, these situations can sometimes result in cases where the laptop's speakers stop working altogether.

While a Read More

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