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Computer users should be careful of a new virus sent from a fraudster claiming to be from the IRS.

Security alert: Scam veiled as government correspondence

Several media outlets are warning computer users about a new scam that attempts to solicit money from them to remove a virus affecting their computer.

When opened, the email, which claims to be either from the IRS or the New York State Poli...Read More

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When it comes to data transfer, floppy disks have been replaced by email and USB drives.

Exploring alternate methods of file transfer

For all its flaws, one positive aspect of traditional mail service is that it rarely prevents an individual from sending a file because of its type or size, unlike email providers. If and until cloud data transfer becomes the preferred method of e...Read More

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Home broadband networks can be interrupted by other users and devices.

Improving wireless network performance

There are times when an intermittent internet connection is more vexing than no internet connection at all. Half-loaded pages and slow-buffering videos makes some computer users pine for the days of dial-up internet, when at least the connection w...Read More

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Dropped laptops are fairly common, regardless of how careful a user is with his or her computer.

How to repair a crack in a laptop case

One of the perils of owning a laptop is the tendency for it to tumble violently to the ground. Even if a computer user is not prone to bouts of clumsiness, he or she might may still need to repair a laptop that falls accidentally. The exterior cas...Read More

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Some cracked laptop screens can be salvaged by using toothpaste as a repairing agent.

Mind the gap: How to fill scratches in computer screens

Anyone that has owned a laptop for an extended period of time knows that scratches appearing on the screen are inevitable. Some scratches can probably be lived with, but others obstruct the screen so badly that a repair must be initiated.

I...Read More

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Individual keys can be easily replaced by computer users.

How to fix stuck keys and a broken keyboard

Most laptop users can recall a time when they were typing and suddenly a key broke or got stuck. At the time, users may think they'll need to communicate without using that particular letter (hopefully it's not the "E" key). Fort...Read More

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Avoiding the temptation to eat or drink near a laptop is the only sure way to avoid potentially harmful  spills.

Avoiding the demise of a laptop following a spill

The convenience of laptop computers leads many of their users to multitask while plugging away at their machines. However, eating and drinking while using a computer can produce a death sentence for laptops.

The best way to prevent a spill ...Read More

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Computer repair can be frustrating if the user is not well-versed in technology.

How to speak to a computer repair professional

Computer users who are not technologically inclined may become frustrated by computer repair experts. It may even feel as though they're speaking a differe...Read More

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Computer repair can frustrate those that aren't familiar with technological terms.

Three questions to ask a computer repair location

For most consumers, getting a computer fixed is much like getting a car fixed. Most people are not familiar with technology terminology, so a sense of intimidation develops. Customers may also be reluctant to pay for a service when they don't ...Read More

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Desktop computers are generally cheaper to repair than laptops.

New computer: Desktop or laptop?

In a world where bigger is usually better, it may be surprising that laptop sales have exceeded desktop sales for the past three years. Despite market trends, is it possible desktops may offer advantages not provided by laptops? For one thing, des...Read More

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