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Windows 8 New Refresh Tool

  We have all been there before.  We buy a brand new computer and we are very happy with the speed and snappiness.  Everything runs like a brand new Mercedes.  After weeks, months, and years, that Mercedes starts to run more like a bicycle...Read More

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Windows 8 Boot Shortcuts

One of the major gripes about Windows 8 is the complexity of the interface.  A lot of sacrifices and changes were made.  As a result, the interface is clunky, frustrating, and just an overall mess.  Lots of people depend on their computers, and wi...Read More

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Windows Failed to Start Errors

One of the most frustrating errors on Windows computers (outside of the Bluescreen of Death) would probably have to be the “Windows Failed to Start” error message.  And like bluescreen errors, we usually overlook them and simply restart the comp...Read More

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Can My Mac Get a Virus?

It’s a common belief that Mac computers cannot get viruses, whereas Windows computers are full of them.  Everyone assumed that those shiny Macbook Pros are free to roam the cyber world without a care in the world.  This simply couldn't be more ...Read More

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Death of XP

While Windows XP is still considered the “greatest operating system of all time” by most Windows users, sadly support for the Windows XP is ending next year.  This include bug fixes, security patches, system updates, service packs, etc.  While ...Read More

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How to Check for Hard Drive Errors on Windows 8

  It’s happened to us all at some point or another.  We forgot to make our backups to external drives or on the cloud, yet we have pictures and documents on our computers that we cannot afford to lose.  The same situation happens over and...Read More

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Protecting Your Data On the Go

Nowadays, we take our devices with us everywhere. We take them to our friend’s house, to work, to school, to the dentist, to the doctor, to food places, to drink, places---you get the point. Our devices are everywhere with us, and as a result, so...Read More

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