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Change both the Wi-Fi and the router administration password for more security.

How to make your wireless network secure: Part 1

Setting up your wireless router can be a bit of a pain, but once you finally get internet, the job is still far from over. You need to make your network secure, and that doesn't mean just having a password. But it's worth it - an open wire...Read More

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If your screen is displaying a message you don't understand, take a screen shot so you can show it to someone who does.

How to take a screen shot

Sometimes, your computer does strange things. But when you're busy panicking over losing files, or worried that your project hasn't saved, it can be difficult to rationally articulate the problem, especially over the phone to a Read More

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If you do a lot of online holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, make sure to be a safe shopper.

Virus Alert: Beware of Cyber Monday scams

Shopping online during the holidays certainly has its benefits: you can sleep in, avoid the crowds and hunt for bargains in your pajamas. During the past couple of years, the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend has seen a huge spike ...Read More

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Winter's coming, so make sure you - and your computer - are kept warm.

Is your laptop cold?

We all know that when cold weather hits, we need to bundle up. But you might not know that computers are affected by the temperature of their environment, too.

In fact, the ideal temperature for a computer to operate is at room temperature,...Read More

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If you're planning to buy your presents online, make your purchases on secure websites only.

How to shop online safely this holiday season

The infamous "Black Friday" is upon us, which signals the beginning of this year's holiday shopping season. Each year, rather than face the caffeine-crazed shoppers who've been waiting outside since 4 a.m., many people have decid...Read More

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If your Mac's screen goes black and gray, it may be a kernel panic message.

What to do if your Mac has a kernel panic

You're enjoying a leisurely afternoon of web surfing on your Mac. Suddenly, your YouTube video is rudely interrupted by an ominous gray and black screen.

"You need to restart your computer," reads the message, written in sever...Read More

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Blue's supposed to be a relaxing color, but not when it's followed by "screen of death."

How to understand a “blue screen of death”

Almost as dreaded as the Grim Reaper himself, the "blue screen of death" (BSoD) is the term that Window users have come to call the blue and white screen that appears when the system has crashed. There are a few steps you can take with t...Read More

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Don't share your computer passwords with anyone.

How to create a stronger password

With email, countless social media accounts, online banking, e-commerce and logins for nearly every website these days, we need to make a lot of passwords.

For many of us, it's simply too many passwords to remember, so we use one passwo...Read More

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The latest installment of the "Twilight" movies has prompted a new computer virus.

Virus alert: “Twilight” lovers, take heed

And we thought vampire babies sounded scary.

The upcoming release of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1" has prompted some cyber hackers to create a new computer virus aimed specifically at Twilight (also referred to as "Twi-har...Read More

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Upgrading your Windows software can help protect you from viruses.

How to upgrade software on your PC with Windows

Slow running programs could mean you might need computer virus removal, but you may also just need a software update.

One of the best ways to protect your...Read More

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