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There are a few programs that offer free anti-virus protection

Find free anti-virus software

Consumers shopping for virus removal software can sometimes find free programs that rival paid products in terms of accessibility, dependability and quality. Lis...Read More

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Consumers are advised to learn the difference between virus and spyware removal software

What’s the difference between anti-spyware and anti-virus software?

Malware comes in many different forms, and consumers looking to fight this scourge typically arm themselves with some form of anti-malware software. Some might think "anti-virus" and "anti-spyware" are terms that are used inter...Read More

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Spyware removal software can provide effective protection for computer users

Researching paid spyware removal software

Some consumers like to find free versions of spyware removal software to save a buck or two, but others feel they can receive more extensive services and...Read More

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Some anti-spyware software offers top service for free

Finding the right spyware removal software – for free

Price can sometimes be a breaking point for consumers looking for spyware removal software. Some of the top anti-spyware software on the market can come ...Read More

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Cleaning out a Mac's startup disk may improve its performance

Picking the right disk cleaner for a Mac

Freeing up disk space on a Mac can be a great way to boost the computer's speed. But even after users have uninstalled applications, deleted old files or moved other data to a backup device, their Mac may still have a lot of other unneeded dat...Read More

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Users are advised to do some spring cleaning on their Mac

Spring cleaning a Mac computer

Just like with any Windows PC, it can be helpful to free up some disk space on a Mac. After all, there's only so much space on the Mac startup disk, and it's not impossible to max out that drive. Taking some time every once in a while to d...Read More

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The ideal registry cleaning software should be easy to use and effective

What to look for in registry cleaning software

Registry cleaning software can be a helpful way for users to clear their computers of unneeded files and programs, thereby increasing its performance. The Windows registry stores plenty of important data, including file information, computer compo...Read More

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There are a few ways to safely clean a laptop's registry

How to safely clean a laptop’s registry

PC users are often advised to clean their laptop's registry as a way to speed up the computer's performance. Cleaning a registry can be a difficult and risky proposition for the uninitiated, and it may only have a significant effect on a c...Read More

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There are a few ways to remedy a frozen laptop

Ways to fix a frozen laptop

It can be a confusing situation when a user is casually browsing his or her laptop only to have the screen suddenly freeze up. Sometimes, users find can move their mouse cursor around the screen but their laptop seemingly refuses to let them click...Read More

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Users can store a System Image onto an external hard drive or DVDs

How to make a System Image in Windows 7

Users on newer Windows computers can benefit from a tool Microsoft provides that allows them to restore their system to an earlier status. Microsoft unveiled its System Image program with Windows 7, and the tool makes an exact copy of a particular...Read More

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