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iPad users may be in trouble if Apple's mobile operating system gets infected.

IT expert says Apple won’t be prepared if iOS gets attacked

Though Macbook and iMac owners have recently had reason to call virus and spyware removal and Read More

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You never know when your computer  may be exposed to spyware.

The top hits for spyware infection

Once your computer has been infected with spyware, your personal information is at risk, so it's best to know when your device may be exposed to malware. That way, if you're a resident of Virginia, Maryland or Washington D.C, you can see...Read More

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Facebook users, be vigilant. New scam reported.

Facebook users beware: new scam reported

While the technicians at Geeks On-Site do offer a fast and effective virus removal service, they'd prefer your computer files weren't corrupted in the ...Read More

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With professional computer repair, busy home and businessowners can get back to work.

When is repairing a PC better than replacing it?

Many computer owners have had an experience when they've been so frustrated with their machines, they've thought about simply chucking it out the nearest window. While not the most economical approach, this tendency does indicate that ma...Read More

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While privacy settings can help eliminate unwanted friends, Facebook's new security features could keep more users from needing laptop repair.

Facebook moves to offer users free virus protection

During the final week of April, Facebook, the social networking giant that has amassed nearly 1 billion users, announced that it was taking steps to solve one of the lingering concerns about its platform - its lack of security features. In the pas...Read More

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