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Windows 8 Review: The Good

Windows 8 Review: The Good Unlike Windows 7, which felt more like a step up from Vista, Windows 8 feels more like a giant leap forward. The only word to describe this feat would be: Gamechanger. In a lot ways, Windows 8 makes in...Read More

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Help! I got the FBI Virus

Help! I got an FBI virus! What is it? The FBI virus has recently made its evil introduction to the cyber world. It strikes fear into the hearts of those who come across, but what exactly is it. It is actually k...Read More

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Roaring Lion

Mac Lion OSX What else is left to say about Apple these days? Ipad…Check. Ipad2…Check. Iphone 4…Check. Ipod…Check. Lion OSX…Unchecked. As thousands to millions of people frantically flock to their nearest Apple stores in search for ...Read More

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Issues with Mac Optical Drives

Issues with Mac Optical Drives Everyone and everything is going digital! As a result, older mediums such as CDs and DVDs are becoming less common and eventually, like its predecessors the cassette tapes and VHS, obsolete. Even newer disc techno...Read More

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