Mac Lion OSX

What else is left to say about Apple these days? Ipad…Check. Ipad2…Check. Iphone 4…Check. Ipod…Check. Lion OSX…Unchecked. As thousands to millions of people frantically flock to their nearest Apple stores in search for iPads and iPhones, things certainly look bright. From the plush, white lit interior of the Apple stores to the sleek white rear of the iPad 2, light is everywhere for the forbidden fruit company. However, there is still a major cloud in one area that has persisted for many decades: computers. While millions may go home every night and fool around on these devices for hours, they still find themselves glued to a chair behind their PC. Despite a very similar software interface, Mac computers, whether it be notebooks or desktops, have perennially taken the title of second¬ tier in the tech world. However, more recently, the increased popularity of the aforementioned devices has gotten many consumers scratches their noses and wondering: Should I pull the trigger and buy a Macbook Pro? Well, one company is trying to certainly make sure that happens, and the next month the world will hear the mighty roar of Lion. Here is a brief list of some if its newest offerings

 AirDrop— will allow for easy, smooth Lion to Lion sharing.
 Auto-correction— with now behave a lot more like iOs.
 Auto-save features— once again has been adopted from iOs.
 FaceTime—already prevalent on iOs, this will now be fully bundled into Lion.
 File Vault— full encryption is now being offered.
 Full screen apps—thanks to the success of the iPad.
 iChat—full support for Yahoo Messanger.
 Launchpad—like in iOs, this will be a grid full of icons that are the applications installed on the computer.
 Mac App Store—like iOS, this will now be built into the software.
 Multi-touch gestures—will be similar to that of the iOS
 Quicktime enhancements
 Recovery partitions—one of the staples of Windows will now be built into the hard drives of Mac computers, allowing customers one-button access to their computer’s original factory settings.
 Many updates to the user interface such as windows resizing
 Many more….

Like Windows 8, Mac Lion will be borrowing many features from its mobile counterparts in order to build better operating systems. With these added features and an improved interface, not to mention a larger fan base, can Lion finally be crowned king of the tech jungle? We will have to wait until July to find out.