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Make sure your network is secure and has a strong password.

Is your computer well-protected?

Your computer contains more personal information than you may realize. If you have ever purchased anything online, for example, your credit card number, billing address and other information are often stored automatically into your computer's...Read More

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The iPad's overheating issue may sound familiar to consumers who have dealt with a warm laptop

New iPad users feeling the heat – literally

Many computer users have had the experience of an overly hot laptop burning up their laps as they surf the web or play games. Typically, laptop repair specialist...Read More

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If Safari keeps force reloading, you may need to keep less tabs open.

What to do if Safari keeps force reloading

These days, Web content is heavy with video, music and images, so sometimes, a page can take a few seconds to load. But, unfortunately for Mac users, if a page on Safari's 5.0 is having trouble loading, it can often trigger a force reload for...Read More

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Cloud storage allows you to back up your data on an online server.

Do you back up your computer?

Your computer has a lot of important information - more than you might realize. If it's your personal computer, think of all the pictures, music, documents and other files that you've accumulated over the years that could be lost if your...Read More

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