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Certain programs can help users manage passwords

Software that can help users manage their passwords

We've talked previously about the challenges of remembering passwords for different websites and accounts. Fortunately for Windows users, a number of free and paid programs can help manage and securely store that information. Keeping passwords...Read More

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Password security is key to fighting internet crime

Ways to store passwords securely

When surfing the internet, consumers are asked to develop and remember a large number of usernames and passwords for nearly every website they visit. It's for good reason - using the same password at every website can leave users more vulnerab...Read More

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Users can change the way their power button works

How to change what the power button does

In the past few posts, we've covered a whole slew of Windows shutdown options. The underlying message has been: don't turn off a computer by pressing the power button, unless the PC's having some serious problems and needs a hard reboo...Read More

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Energy-saving power plans can help laptops maintain battery life

How to set up a power plan in Windows

Windows computers have a number of shutdown options that are designed to allow users to resume work quickly and conserve energy. Once they've grasped what each mode does, users can set up a plan to help manage their computer's power use. A...Read More

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Hybrid sleep is another way to conserve power

Hybrid sleep and how it might benefit your computer

Windows desktops typically have a few different options that allow users to power down their computer. We've already discussed the traditional shut down, sleep and hibernation modes, but there's one other feature that's worth noting - ...Read More

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Sleep mode and hibernation can both help preserve a laptop's battery

What’s better: Sleep mode or hibernate?

Many newer laptops provide users with power-saving features, including sleep mode and hibernate. While similar in purpose - both can reduce the need for laptop repai...Read More

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Some downloads pose a risk to computers

Tip to avoid spyware: Scrutinize downloads

Careless downloading habits can sometimes lead to the nagging computer issues that require professional spyware removal. Users who experience slower PC p...Read More

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Hibernate can help laptops save energy

Understanding hibernate mode

As we discussed in previous entries, sleep mode can be a handy way to allow a computer to rest without turning it off completely. This setting saves all open programs in their current state and allows users to immediately resume work when they tur...Read More

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Sleep mode allows computers to do just that - sleep

What’s the deal with sleep mode?

In previous posts, we talked about the right way to turn off a computer, and how a "hard shutdown" - when users simply press and hold the power button to turn their computer off - can cause serious issues that may later require Read More

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Don't touch that button!

How to turn off a computer the right way

It's common instinct to press the power button to turn electronics on or off. We do it everyday with our televisions, {and} kitchen appliances and even some new cars now start with the push of a button. So wouldn't it make sense that a com...Read More

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