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More companies may rely on Skype for teleconferences.

Skype plays major part in new Microsoft Office

With more companies beginning to rely on cloud computing and various forms of online communication, it has become all the more important to keep your computer up to speed with regular maintenance from a Read More

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Benefits and Drawbacks of a Solid State Drive

You are browsing through the computer section at a local brick and mortar in a search for a new computer. You look all around at the different sizes, makes, and models and finally decide on which computer you will be bringing home. One thing that rea...Read More

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Yet another tech giant has been infiltrated by hackers.

Tech company encourages users to vary passwords after largescale hack

Once again, there is cause for internet users across the country to have their devices serviced for spyware and virus removal,  as yet another technology ti...Read More

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Microsoft has issued a fix-it that shuts down its Gadgets feature.

Microsoft warns that Gadgets feature is vulnerable to hackers

Even the most experienced software developers can produce a glitchy product every now and again. After widespread reports that a feature included in newer Windows operating systems, starting with Vista, was susceptible to hackers, Microsoft has of...Read More

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Facebook users will now be able to take action if they suspect a spyware infection.

New Facebook features help protect users from spyware

With all the information that many freely share on social networking sites like Facebook, some may wonder why hackers even need to bother planting spyware. That being said, the company has recently introduced a new feature that will help users mak...Read More

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The iPad is proving to be a useful tool for scientists.

The iPad finds a new use on the field

As tablets like the Apple iPad make their way into offices all over the world, innovative individuals are constantly coming up with new ways to use the devices. Now, these ultra-portable pieces of hardware are being put to work in yet another work...Read More

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8 New Features in Windows 8

It seems like it was just yesterday when Windows 7 debuted.  While it's certainly a more than capable operating system, many users felt that is was not a substantial enough improvement over Windows Vista.  As a result, it became known to some as "W...Read More

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Few Americans appear to have lost internet access because of the Doomsday virus.

Reported internet “doomsday” is a dud

Despite numerous reports that hundreds of thousands of users would potentially lose internet access on July 9, the day has come and gone with relatively few people clamoring to get a hold of a Read More

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Having trouble loading Netflix? Contact a computer repair company.

Netflix logs 1 billion streaming hours in June

Just a few years ago, if anyone was having trouble watching their favorite television show, it usually had something to do with their satellite dish or cable company. But these days, since so many individuals use internet streaming services to wat...Read More

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Six Estonian nationals were arrested after an elaborate malware scam.

FBI may cut off internet access for thousands

Following an international malware scam, over 300,000 computers, 85,000 of which are in the United States, may lose internet access when the FBI shuts down the corrupted servers of a hacker organization, according to reports.

The scam has b...Read More

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