According to the web development website W3Schools, just over 4 percent of internet users listed Safari as their web browser of choice this past June. The browser, which is a built-in feature of Apple's Mac operating system, falls far behind the top two contenders, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, which took 34 and 41 percent of the market, respectively.

Even so, some PC users in Maryland, Washington, D.C and Virginia could be disappointed to hear that Apple may no longer be producing a Windows-friendly version of its less-than-popular browser. Following the recent release of Safari 6, writers at technology website The Verge noticed that the computer manufacturer had discreetly rid their Safari product page of any reference to PC users.

The source notes that preexisting links to Windows-specific downloads of the web browser have also been taken off of the new Safari website. However, a link to an earlier vision can be found on the company's support page.

Of course, this isn't conclusive evidence that the company has entirely forsaken PC-friendly applications. Frederic Lardinois of TechCrunch theorizes that Apple has simply put its Windows products aside momentarily in order to concentrate on promoting its new Mountain Lion OS X.

Whether or not Apple has scrapped this particular PC-based service, Lardinois implies that it wouldn't be too great a loss.

"It was always obvious {…} that Safari for Windows was not a priority for Apple," says Lardinois. "Users often complained that Safari, just like Apple’s other Windows applications, felt unnecessarily bloated and slow."

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