While PC computers have been traditionally associated with business, the use of Apple technology in workplace environments has grown substantially, according to a new report by  Forrester Research.

The company surveyed thousands of professionals across North America and Western Europe, and its results indicated that roughly 21 percent of these employees use at least one Apple product for work-related projects.

The statistics include mobile devices, such as the iPhone. In fact, the report cites the lack of such devices produced by Microsoft as one of the leading reasons that the use of Apple products is growing in the professional field.

"Coupled with Microsoft's absence on mobile devices, this signals that Windows' dominance is at an end," reads the report. "In a fragmented market for mobile devices, customers and partners will look to anoint a solid number two alternative for a full range of personal technology – and they'll choose Apple because of its strength with individuals across smartphones, tablets and Macs."

Forrester also noted that while Apple is most popular among higher ranking professionals, its products are also gaining an increase in demand from businesses in emerging markets, such as China.

Sometimes, the merging of Apple and Microsoft products and software in the workplace can result in confusion and incompatibility. In a previous post, we discussed a few ways to make a new Mac computer compatible with other PCs in your office, such as Apple's Boot Camp software that allows you to run Windows 7 on your Mac. But, if your company continues to have issues with PC or Mac repair, you might want to contact your local Washington, D.C. computer repair service.