Freeing up disk space on a Mac can be a great way to boost the computer's speed. But even after users have uninstalled applications, deleted old files or moved other data to a backup device, their Mac may still have a lot of other unneeded data stored in hard-to-find areas. Downloading a disk cleaning program may help Mac users in their pursuit of improved computer performance, and a cleaner computer may cut down on the number of visits to a Maryland Mac repair professional.

Free programs

There are a couple of free programs that might allow Mac users to perform basic cleaning and maintenance duties without the need for major Mac repair.

• MacJanitor – Performs basic system maintenance tasks to clear away old files and scripts. Designed to be used periodically.
AppTrap – Uninstalls an application and its extra files, many of which can otherwise be left on a computer unintentionally. Uses the classic "drag and drop" nature Mac users are familiar with.
Monolingual – Macs store data and files related to other language options. Users can choose to eliminate the files related to languages they'll never use, freeing up some space.
OnyX – Similar to MacJanitor, this program allows users to schedule routine maintenance tasks.

Free trial basis

A few programs offer a trial period before asking users to pay for a license.

WhatSize – Provides a visualization of all of a Mac's files and folders by size, allowing users to see which ones take up the most space.
CleanMyPC – Offers more extensive cleaning options and can perform routine data checks.

Pay programs

iDeFrag – Allows users to defragment and optimize their disk, which can improve system performance.
AppZapper – Similar to AppTap, lets users drag and drop unneeded applications and related files into a virtual trash bin.
Macaroni – Discretely runs maintenance tasks in the background, freeing users from the responsibility.
Hazel – Provides extensive cleaning and organization options, allowing users to set automatic destinations for certain files, label important items and delete applications and support files, among other things.