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Apple may not be producing a PC version of its Safari browser.

No more Safari for PC users, tech reporters speculate

According to the web development website W3Schools, just over 4 percent of internet users listed Safari as their web browser of choice this past June. The browser, which is a built-in feature of Apple's Mac operating system, falls far behind ...Read More

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The iPad is king among tablets, says Gartner, Inc.

Despite tablet success, Apple falls behind

To the surprise of very few, technology research company Gartner Inc has revealed that Apple iPads accounted for 66 percent of global tablet sales in 2011, with approximately 40 million devices sold. The Associated Press reports that the computer ...Read More

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Having trouble loading Netflix? Contact a computer repair company.

Netflix logs 1 billion streaming hours in June

Just a few years ago, if anyone was having trouble watching their favorite television show, it usually had something to do with their satellite dish or cable company. But these days, since so many individuals use internet streaming services to wat...Read More

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If you use an Apple device, you may see costlier search results.

Companies think your computer dictates your budget

These days, corporations are investing considerable resources into online analytics to learn more about their customers. And, while the ability to predict the best products for you based on earlier preferences can be handy in some cases, sometimes...Read More

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There are steps you can take to protect your Macbook Air from viruses.

Boost your Mac security instantly

Now that Apple has admitted that its devices aren't entirely impervious to virus and spyware infection, the tech company is investing a lot more time and money into its cybersecurity efforts. And, hopefully, after following a few simple steps...Read More

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Apple admits its Macs may not be invincible.

Apple admits to virus vulnerability

The reign of the Trojan Flashback virus was a humbling moment for a company that, until then, had seemed invincible in the eyes of consumers. Now, a few months after the bulk of attacks, Apple has admitted that, occasionally, its devices may requi...Read More

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Teens still rely on desktops and laptops for internet access.

Teens surf web on computers, not smartphones, says study

It's no surprise that teenagers now spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet. After all, they've grown up in a world where online access is essential for most things including business, education and general social interaction....Read More

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Mac owners can do a few things to prepare for Mountain Lion.

Get ready for the latest Apple upgrade

After all of the hubbub over Apple's new Macbook Pro with Retina-display and Microsoft's new Surface tablet, even the most up-to-date Mac owners may have forgotten that a new operating system is about to hit their App store. Mac OS X Mou...Read More

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New Apple update has Mac devices freezing.

New Apple update causes booting issues

Although, in recent years it seemed like Apple couldn't put a foot wrong, a new update released by the company has users across the country scratching their heads and seeking out local Read More

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One of the many benefits of owning an Apple laptop or desktop is the ability to take advantage of iCloud computing.

iCloud troubleshooting tips

One of the many benefits of owning an Apple laptop or desktop is the ability to take advantage of iCloud computing. This unique and very beneficial feature allows users to store online data on remote computer servers linked to multiple devices, su...Read More

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