It’s a common belief that Mac computers cannot get viruses, whereas Windows computers are full of them.  Everyone assumed that those shiny Macbook Pros are free to roam the cyber world without a care in the world.  This simply couldn’t be more wrong!  Yes, Windows computers have been known to be infected with lots of malware, but Mac computers are still at risk for malware infections, but necessarily viruses.

What’s the Difference?

Every virus in a form of malware, but not all malware is a virus.  Mac computers do not get virus infections like Windows.  Virus can be activated through no user interaction what so ever.  Mac computers can definitely get Trojans though.  Trojans are put up as fake software.  When the person downloads it, it can monitor their activity such as credit card information, etc.

What are some common Mac Trojans?

MacDefender and Adobe Flash Player Installer (fake)

Why don’t Mac’s get virus infection?

While some may lead you to believe that Mac computers are so superiorly constructed that they can withstand the power of virus infections, the truth lies in the market share.  A majority of computers user still use Windows, and many businesses as well.

Do I need an anti-virus for my Mac?

Yes!  And there are many viruses why you should.  Although you may not be able to get virus infections, you can still get others forms of malware which can be just as malicious.  Anti-virus programs will ensure your computer will run in tip top shape and protect not only yourself but others.


The truth is that running any computer without an anti-virus is like driving without car insurance.  While you may get around for 10 years without an accident, what happens on the 10th year and 1st day?  Virus still have potential to do serious damage to your OSX.  You already paid a lot more money for the system and should consider keeping it secure.  If you feel that you have been the victim of some form of malware infection, please contact a computer repair technician to fix it for you.