In a world where bigger is usually better, it may be surprising that laptop sales have exceeded desktop sales for the past three years. Despite market trends, is it possible desktops may offer advantages not provided by laptops? For one thing, desktop computer repair costs are usually lower than laptop repair costs.

Part of the cost of owning a laptop is the convenience it provides its user. Laptops are ideal for students, business people and anyone who travels often. Meanwhile, desktops may need to remain stationary, but they are cheaper on average. Upgrades of specific desktop hardware components are also cheaper, whereas upgrading any part of a laptop usually requires the user to either purchase an entirely new system or pay a specialist to install new hardware.

Desktop computers may be larger, but that extra physical space also allows for more storage space. While this alone is helpful to a user, it also promotes faster processing speeds. Laptops are more prone to getting bogged down by programs and files.

Desktop computers may be immobile, but that ultimately saves them from the abuse that a laptop can take while in transit. Desktop users also do not have to worry about rationing the battery life of their computer.

As alluded to previously, problems with desktops are easier to identify because different parts can be isolated and are generally more accessible. These parts can also be replaced for cheaper and without as much time. Perhaps not surprisingly, these repairs generally take less time to complete.

Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, a Maryland computer repair company should provide you the help you need. Until tablet and smartphone sales take up a larger share of the market, a computer repair expert is all most people will need to keep their digital lives healthy.