Even the smallest computer problem may be enough to frustrate and confuse some PC users. However, some of the most commonly experienced computer issues have relatively easy fixes, which can allow PC users to get their machine up and running smoothly in no time. The following are a few do-it-yourself solutions for users to try before they decide to call in a computer repair professional.

Problem: Computer won't turn on

It's not uncommon for users to report a computer that doesn’t boot up after they hit the power button. Sometimes, users will hear the computer's gears whirring and groaning, but nothing will appear on the screen. Other times the computer may not show any signs of life at all.


The most obvious cause to this problem may be an unplugged unit. Users should check to see that their computer is plugged in and that their power source is working properly. Other times, their monitor may have been unplugged from the computer, or its brightness and contrast may have been turned down so much that their screen is only showing black.

Problem: Strange computer behavior

This can involve any number of symptoms, including error messages, the Blue Screen of Death, freezing or strange browser behavior.


This type of problem may be evidence of malware or viruses. Users should run a scan with their antivirus software regularly to prevent and catch computer infections. If their computer is still acting strange after a virus scan, it may be time to contact a Virginia computer repair professional.

Problem: Programs are running slowly

A user may notice it now takes longer to save files or browse the internet, or that their computer performance is simply sluggish.


While it's possible this could be evidence of a virus, it may just be that the computer is overloaded with data. Deleting old unnecessary files and running a Disk Cleanup can get a computer running quickly again.