Laptop computers are great for their portability and convenience, but if their battery life is short, they're no more useful than a clunky old desktop computer. There are a few ways laptop users can extend their computer's battery life, and limit the number of calls they make to a laptop repair professional.

Close unneeded programs

Users are advised to run only a few programs at a time when using their laptop on battery power. Media players, email clients and browsers can all drain power if left running at the same time. As a result, computer specialists recommend that consumers use just one program at a time rather than multi-tasking in this scenario.

Limit the number of devices draining battery power

External devices can sap a laptop's battery as well. Users should only connect music players or external hard drives to a laptop when it is plugged into an AC outlet. Even a wireless internet connection can pose power problems, so if possible, users are advised to turn off their Wi-Fi when it is not in use.

Take advantage of power-saving strategies

Many laptops provide power optimization options designed to increase how much juice users can get out of their battery. Enabling these functions while also dimming the screen's brightness might stretch a laptop's power further.

Manage memory and storage

Since laptops stuffed with unneeded files require more power, so users are encouraged to regularly clean and defragment their hard drive. Adding more random- access memory (RAM) might also increase a laptop's energy efficiency. If issues persist after an upgrade, Virginia laptop repair specialists may be able to help consumers resolve memory and data storage problems.

Ensure the laptop is cooling properly

Many times, users place their laptop on top of a pillow or cushion when using it. Though it may seem like a harmless action, it can obstruct the computer's cooling vents, which can lead to overheating and a shorter battery life. To prevent this problem, consider using products that can promote laptop cooling while maintaining comfort.