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What's the problem? Maybe he's an Android user.

Love: What’s an iPhone got to do with it?

It may seem a little far fetched to draw parallels between the technology we use and our love lives, but the truth is, it's sometimes hard to tell what many of us would be more upset over - a break up or a broken laptop in need of Read More

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Some cracked laptop screens can be salvaged by using toothpaste as a repairing agent.

Mind the gap: How to fill scratches in computer screens

Anyone that has owned a laptop for an extended period of time knows that scratches appearing on the screen are inevitable. Some scratches can probably be lived with, but others obstruct the screen so badly that a repair must be initiated.

I...Read More

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Avoiding the temptation to eat or drink near a laptop is the only sure way to avoid potentially harmful  spills.

Avoiding the demise of a laptop following a spill

The convenience of laptop computers leads many of their users to multitask while plugging away at their machines. However, eating and drinking while using a computer can produce a death sentence for laptops.

The best way to prevent a spill ...Read More

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What do you do if a laptop is working but there is no picture?

The laptop’s running, but there’s no picture

When a desktop computer is running normally but no picture appears on the screen, users can check the cords between the PC and monitor to ensure a connection. But, when a laptop's screen remains blank even after it's been turned on, there ...Read More

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Sound problems can be frustrating for laptop users

Laptop hardware problem: No sound

Sound problems are one of the more common maladies to befall laptops. Typically a sign of a hardware issue, these situations can sometimes result in cases where the laptop's speakers stop working altogether.

While a Read More

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Sleep mode and hibernation can both help preserve a laptop's battery

What’s better: Sleep mode or hibernate?

Many newer laptops provide users with power-saving features, including sleep mode and hibernate. While similar in purpose - both can reduce the need for laptop repai...Read More

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Laptop battery life can be fickle, but there are ways for users to get the most out of their battery

Quick and easy ways to extend a laptop’s battery life

Laptop computers are great for their portability and convenience, but if their battery life is short, they're no more useful than a clunky old desktop computer. There are a few ways laptop users can extend their computer's battery life, an...Read More

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Buying the right laptop doesn't have to be complicated

Buying the right laptop computer

A laptop computer can be a great purchase for the consumer who wants a computer he or she can take anywhere. However, not all laptops are built the same and some might serve a user's needs better than others. It's important for consumers t...Read More

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