When a desktop computer is running normally but no picture appears on the screen, users can check the cords between the PC and monitor to ensure a connection. But, when a laptop's screen remains blank even after it's been turned on, there aren't any cords to check. So what's a laptop user to do?

First, they can try a few at-home laptop repair tricks to get their display working again. If all else fails, they may need to call in an expert on laptop repair in Virginia.

Screen brightness

A laptop's screen resolution may be dark for a number of reasons. If it's been running on battery power for a long time, the monitor may dim its brightness to conserve energy. The battery itself may be on its last legs and need to be replaced. Or, a user may have accidentally turned down the screen resolution all the way to black.

Users should first turn the brightness all the way up to make sure it wasn't a simple mistake. Then, they should plug their laptop into AC power to see if it's a battery error. If the laptop remains dark after that, users should move on to the following steps.

External devices

Unplugging any extra hardware – including external hard drives, flash disks, printers or digital cameras – may prevent interference during the startup process.

A handy trick

Finally, users can perform a quick task to remedy the issue.

1. Unplug the laptop from outlet power and remove the battery
2. Hold down the laptop's power button for 30 seconds
3. Plug the laptop back into the wall and turn it back on.

This process drains the laptop's static electricity and can sometimes fix the problem. If the display returns, users can pop the battery back in and resume work as normal.