One of the perils of owning a laptop is the tendency for it to tumble violently to the ground. Even if a computer user is not prone to bouts of clumsiness, he or she might may still need to repair a laptop that falls accidentally. The exterior case of a laptop is almost always made out of plastic, so if a user is comfortable with do-it-yourself laptop repair, there are several techniques one can use to fix a crack.

The working area should always be wiped completely clean so that foreign materials do not adhere to the repairing material. If this occurs, the repair will not work.

If the crack is small enough, super glue can be applied to either side of the crack. After the two sides are held together for two minutes, they should stay attached.

If the crack is larger or if there is a hole in the laptop, super glue is probably not enough to fix it. In these instances, the user should apply a wad of epoxy putty to the damaged area. Once the crack is filled and the putty is flattened out using a flat object, excess putty can be wiped away. After the putty is allowed a sufficient time to dry (usually a couple hours), it can be sanded down and painted to match the color of the laptop case. The patch should be just as strong as the plastic piece it replaced.

If a computer user is unsure how to perform this fix, he or she should contact a Washington, D.C. laptop repair company. They have likely fixed a cracked laptop before and would be able to fix such blemishes without much difficulty.