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The thin design of laptops make them very portable, but leave them vulnerable to damage.

What to do if your laptop screen breaks

While a laptop's light weight and thin exterior makes it easy to take with you almost anywhere, its delicate design also means that the risk of damage to your computer is a lot higher.

Unfortunately, one of the easiest components to br...Read More

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Dropped laptops are fairly common, regardless of how careful a user is with his or her computer.

How to repair a crack in a laptop case

One of the perils of owning a laptop is the tendency for it to tumble violently to the ground. Even if a computer user is not prone to bouts of clumsiness, he or she might may still need to repair a laptop that falls accidentally. The exterior cas...Read More

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Placing a laptop on an uneven surface can lead to overheating.

How to fix an overheating laptop (and how to prevent it from overheating in the first place)

When a laptop turns off without warning, becomes hot to the touch or emits a steady whine, many users fear their computers are experiencing their death throes. But, by implementing a few simple Read More

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Certain tools can help consumers remove bloatware from their computer

Useful tools that can uninstall bloatware

Most consumers have encountered bloatware at some point, even if they didn't know how to identify it. These are the frivolous programs that computer manufacturers include on new machines. Things like special toolbars, links to search engines o...Read More

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A few items will have users accessing the internet through wireless connection

Three things you need to set up wireless internet on a laptop

Accessing the internet via a desktop computer and direct hookup has its advantages, but many consumers prefer the portability and convenience of a laptop. Rather than remain tethered to their home's ethernet cable, users can set up a home wire...Read More

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There are a few ways to remedy a frozen laptop

Ways to fix a frozen laptop

It can be a confusing situation when a user is casually browsing his or her laptop only to have the screen suddenly freeze up. Sometimes, users find can move their mouse cursor around the screen but their laptop seemingly refuses to let them click...Read More

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