Many computer users have had the experience of an overly hot laptop burning up their laps as they surf the web or play games. Typically, laptop repair specialists recommend a few adjustments to deal with an overheating laptop, including tweaking the power settings, spraying dust out of the laptop's vents and adding additional cooling fans via an external laptop pad.

However, some consumers may be at a loss on how to deal with the new iPad, which is reportedly overheating right out of the box. Consumer Reports released the findings of a study on March 20 that revealed the new iPad can heat up to as much as 116 degrees fahrenheit if users are playing games or downloading apps.

An iPad running the high-processor game Infinity Blade II for 45 minutes reached 116 degrees when plugged in, and topped out at 113 degrees when unplugged, according to Consumer Reports. The heat was not evenly distributed throughout the iPad, and instead focused on one corner of the device.

Oddly, plugging the device in did not even charge the battery while the game was running. Instead, the battery drained as if the iPad was not plugged in at all.

At the same time, Consumer Reports notes it does not view the iPad's heating issue as a safety risk. Devices that hold at a temperature of 120 degrees may damage bare skin over a period of time, but the iPad itself only gives off a warm heat. Additionally, tablets and laptops are not handled the same, so there's less of a risk that an overheating tablet would harm a user's lap.

Even so, iPad users may want to consider taking precautions, such as playing games with complex graphics for shorter periods of time. And if their laptop has similar overheating concerns, it may be wise to contact a Maryland laptop repair service for support.