Just a few years ago, if anyone was having trouble watching their favorite television show, it usually had something to do with their satellite dish or cable company. But these days, since so many individuals use internet streaming services to watch television, dissatisfied viewers are more likely to turn to a computer repair company for help.

According to PC Mag, Netflix, which is now the largest subscription-based video streaming site on the web, reported that customers watched over 1 billion hours of streaming video content in the month of June alone, the highest number tallied to date.

Even after a couple of big hiccups last year, such as the ill-advised decision to split up its DVD mailing and video streaming operations, Netflix has returned to peak form. Now largely focused on the streaming side of the business, the company currently has 26 million accounts registered around the world.

And, based on a recent post on his facebook page, CEO Reed Hastings predicts even greater returns to come, even if the enticing weather manages to lure a few people away from their computers from time to time this summer. Hastings based his prediction on the upcoming availability of certain popular television series including House of Cards.

In addition, the current soaring temperatures may actually work in the company's favor, since more people may choose to retreat from the heat and pass more summer hours streaming video in their air-conditioned homes.

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