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If Safari keeps force reloading, you may need to keep less tabs open.

What to do if Safari keeps force reloading

These days, Web content is heavy with video, music and images, so sometimes, a page can take a few seconds to load. But, unfortunately for Mac users, if a page on Safari's 5.0 is having trouble loading, it can often trigger a force reload for...Read More

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Apple products are gaining popularity in the business world, according to a new survey.

Use of Apple products in the workplace is growing

While PC computers have been traditionally associated with business, the use of Apple technology in workplace environments has grown substantially, according to a new report by  Forrester Research.

The company surveyed thousands of pro...Read More

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The iMac is an example of an "all-in-one" computer, because the hard drive is attached to its monitor, rather than in a separate tower.

Are all-in-one computers the wave of the future?

Technology aficionados across the world spent much of this week engrossed by the news from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual tech consortium held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the most popular new models and designs included what&...Read More

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To make your Mac more PC-compatible, later Mac OS versions allow you to install and run Windows.

How to make your Mac PC-compatible

Mac computers are growing in popularity, but PCs are still used in a large number of businesses, schools and other administrative services. While new Apple and Windows software has been created with compatibility in mind (such as Microsoft Office ...Read More

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Starting up your Mac in safe mode can sometimes help you diagnose the problem.

How to start up your Mac in safe mode

If you're facing a problem with your Mac that you're unfamiliar with, I suggest reverting to the tried-and true playground rule of "safety first."

Whether your Mac is freezing, crashing or loading to the dreaded gray scree...Read More

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If your Mac's screen goes black and gray, it may be a kernel panic message.

What to do if your Mac has a kernel panic

You're enjoying a leisurely afternoon of web surfing on your Mac. Suddenly, your YouTube video is rudely interrupted by an ominous gray and black screen.

"You need to restart your computer," reads the message, written in sever...Read More

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If your Mac is running slow, you may need to update your software.

How to update software on a Mac

If your Mac is running like a slow-poke, you may not need to find a Mac repair specialist just yet - it could also mean that you need to update your software....Read More

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Users have a few options if their Mac seems beyond repair

Steps to take if your Mac is teetering on the brink

Most users have likely experienced that uncertainty and panic that comes when a computer seems to be on its last legs. Consumers often spend more time worrying about what will happen to their files and documents than they do actually preparing for...Read More

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Some consumers had problems installing Lion on their Mac

Troubleshoot installation problems with Mac OS X Lion

When Apple unveiled its newest operating system - Mac OS X Lion - this summer, it was met with all the usual fanfare and attention. Some reviewers praised Apple for again introducing a forward-thinking product that essentially looked to mimic the ...Read More

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Mac computers are not inherently better protected than Windows

Mac computers aren’t exempt from security risks

Many Windows-turned-Mac users bought their new Apple computer with the expectation that they would finally be free from viruses, spyware and other security risks. However, while Macs do experience those threats less frequently, users would be remi...Read More

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