With more people now using social networks more than ever, a nasty virus code-named “Zeus” has been causing quite a stir within the last month.  Unlike most viruses such as the FBI virus that completely compromise a user’s system, Zeus operates quietly in the background and doesn’t make its appearance known.  In this blog, you can will find out more about Zeus, what its harmful effects are, and how to protect your computer from this virus.

What is Zeus?

Zeus is a Trojan (form of malware) that quietly operates on your computer and when it accesses a financial account page (banking sites, checkout) it comes alive!  It will monitor your login information and sell it to the highest bigger, or worse, steal money from your account?

How Do I get it?

Zeus is mainly contracted through social media sites such as Facebook.  Fraudulent links that send users to bogus, phished pages are the number one source of these problems.

Can I only get it on my computer?

No.  It is even possible to get this virus on your smartphone and potentially spread it to yourself or another user.

Can I get this on my Mac?

There have been no found cases in which a Mac users was infected with this virus.

How can I avoid it?

There are many ways to avoid this virus that are, but not limited to:

  • Update your anti-virus programs
  • Install all Windows updates and security fixes
  • Don’t EVER click on trusted links
  • Use Banking sites that provide two step authentication
  • Avoid links with the .tk extension


Unlike other viruses that scream at you, this one stays rather incognito.  As a result, you must be very careful when using the internet.  Follow the steps above and contact a computer repair technician if you feel that your computer may have been infected in any way.