Probably one of the most dreadful experiences that a Macbook user will experience is any form on liquid damage.  This ranges from coffee, to wine, to soda, and to water.  If any of these accidentally spill onto your laptop, it causes a lot of panic.  Here is a list of do’s and don’ts that could save your Macbook from liquid damage.


  • Do NOT attempt to turn the computer back on!  After water has spilled on their Macbook and the computer shuts down, most users will be tempted to restart the computer and hope that it will magically turn on.  Do NOT do this, as it can cause a quick short circuit of the logic board.
  • Do NOT attempt to dry it out with rice.  All over the internet, you will find advice about drying it with rice.  However, while rice may dry out the water, it will leave a residue behind that can cause permanent damage to the logic board.
  • Do NOT use a blow-dryer.  Like rice, a blow-dryer may dry up the water, but the excess heat may cause some of internal components to overheat and melt.



  • Keep the computer turned off and try to dry the computer out by turning it over.  This will make sure that nothing is short circuited and that the water can come out freely.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Wait several days before retrying.
  • Contact a computer repair service


The good news is that if it is not a lot of damage, it is possible that the computer will be fine once it has had ample time to try.  Do not rush it, or you could make matters worse.  It certain instances, only segments of the machine may need to be replaced such as the keyboard no longer functioning, or the screen needed to be replaced.  It is best if you contact a computer repair technician who can either replace the keyboard or logic board.  This will definitely be expensive, but worth it especially if you have a lot of data on the machine you would like to preserve.  The best option, obviously, would be to BE CAREFUL and patient.  It might not be as bad you think.