Computer users who are not technologically inclined may become frustrated by computer repair experts. It may even feel as though they're speaking a different language.

Fortunately, users who are not tech savvy may not necessarily need a translator to communicate with a repair person. Just follow these simple steps and your computer should be fixed in short order.

1) Be thorough in describing the problem.
Even the most knowledgeable repair professional will be unable to help a user who cannot properly articulate the problem with his or her computer. Even if a computer user is not fluent in technical language, speak in layman's terms as clear and concisely as possible. A computer repair specialist must know exactly what happened to the computer leading up to it experiencing difficulties to determine what steps need to be taken to fix it. Even if some details seem unimportant to you, pass them along to the repair expert.

2) Be patient and avoid getting frustrated.
Most computer experts are well-versed in technology, and some may not be able to pare down their language to a level that can be understood by someone with less technical knowledge. Still, getting frustrated with a repair person will not help a computer to get fixed. If a user experiences this problem, he or she should calmly ask the computer repair expert to repeat the instructions again, perhaps using different language if necessary.

3) Write down possible solutions.
The computer repair specialist may provide possible solutions to a user. Those solutions should be written down so they can be referenced later. If a user decides to get his or her computer fixed, a simple online search will provide more information about the problems laid out by the computer repair expert. This way, the user will not feel as though they are being taken advantage of by the time the bill comes.

Any users having problems with their computer should call a Washington, D.C. computer repair expert who can diagnose and hopefully remedy the problem.