Most laptop users can recall a time when they were typing and suddenly a key broke or got stuck. At the time, users may think they'll need to communicate without using that particular letter (hopefully it's not the "E" key). Fortunately, repairing a keyboard is a relatively simple fix that does not necessarily require a laptop repair professional to address.

Replacing or repairing one key is not difficult. All a user has to do is gently pry away the old key and put the new key in its place. If the key is sticking, use a can of compressed air to blow away any debris that might be causing the problem, then replace the key. Most keys have a clip under them that are required for them to work properly, so be sure they aren't damaged during the repair process.

Oftentimes though, replacement keys can be nearly as expensive as replacement keyboards.
Depending on the age of the computer, it may make more sense for the user to just replace the entire keyboard. Although keyboards vary by laptop make and model, most keyboards are attached to the motherboard.

Check the user manual before beginning any repairs to ensure work is being done correctly. Once the computer is powered down and unplugged, unscrew the keyboard from the motherboard and remove the keyboard from the computer. The new keyboard can be installed just as easily as the old one was removed.

If worse comes to worst and a user damages their keyboard while trying to fix it, a Maryland laptop repair location may be able to repair the damage.