Sometimes dangerous things come in just tiny packages. A good example of this would be a Keylogger virus. Unlike standard viruses, these viruses are tiny, leave very little footprint on the infected user, and are very hard (or impossible) to trace. Your computer won’t slow down, it won’t freeze, and pop ups won’t annoy you to death. Instead, these viruses operate unnoticed, and keep track of all of your information quietly and behind the scenes.
What is it?
These little application are so dangerous because the goal is to log our activities. This includes mouse clicks, browsing history, bank records, financial information, and anything else than can be tracked. It is not only a violation of our privacy, but also a violation or our cyber safety. These viruses can be used to store our credit card information via online shopping.
What makes it so bad?
The worst part about these types of viruses is that they are usually used to market something that is positive in nature. For instance, a parent may click on a link that promises to monitor their children’s activity while online. It seems like a good idea on the surface, but it actually comes from malicious intent.
How can I stop this?
The easiest way to prevent these keylogging viruses is to make sure that you actively run virus scans. Not every once in a while, or once you feel something may be wrong but every single day. If you feel that you may have already been affected then it is very important to contact a computer repair company. They can send out a technician and remove the key logger virus from your computer. Once again, these types of viruses are not the obvious kind that you may have been used to. You can’t expect freezing and slowdowns. Everything happens behind the scenes and the damage could be irreversible.