The combination of Apple's sustained market dominance and the relentless rise of mobile devices has led some PC developers to turn to alternate means for continued profits. Now, one prominent manufacturer of these devices has announced that it no longer sees itself as as solely a PC business,  according to reports.

Dell CEO Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell, has publicly stated that, despite it being the fourth largest producer of PC hardware in the world, his organization is "not really a PC company."

Earlier this week at a conference held in San Francisco, Dell explained that the company has instead evolved into "an end-to-end IT solutions company."

In recent years, Dell has made strides to position itself as a software, server and networking company as well as a PC provider. ComputerWorld notes that Dell currently derives only half of its profits from its computers.

IT analyst Charles King told the source that this change in direction, which some may find surprising since Dell was the second largest PC company less than two years ago, makes a lot of fiscal sense in the current market. King explains that PC development is currently one of the lowest performing areas in the sales end of IT.

With so many PC manufacturers out there, competition in this arena is especially heated, making it nearly impossible for one PC provider to successfully seize the spotlight before a rival company comes in with a new innovation.

However, PCs are still used by millions of people everyday. And, as tech companies begin shifting focus to other businesses, they may end up neglecting customers who are in need of computer repair.

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