It's no surprise that teenagers now spend an inordinate amount of time on the internet. After all, they've grown up in a world where online access is essential for most things including business, education and general social interaction.

A new study by the cyber security firm McAfee shows that American teenagers are online considerably more than their parents think. While moms and dads estimated that their children spent about two hours online per day, the source reports that they spent closer to five hours on the web.

Not surprisingly, 89.5 percent of the teens surveyed said they use Facebook, with 60 percent reporting that they check their social media accounts on a daily basis and 41 percent saying they check them constantly.

But, despite the many people seemingly glued to their smartphones, the study showed that teens are having trouble with their internet connection, they're more likely to need good old fashioned computer and laptop repair, since they reportedly access the web via these heavier pieces of hardware.

According to the study, 37.35 percent of teenagers use the internet on a laptop, while 29.8 percent of them use desktop computers. Comparatively, out of all of individuals between 13 and 17 who took the online survey on general internet usage, only 13.48 percent went online with a smartphone and just 5 percent did so on a tablet device.

These figures show that, even with the rise of tablets and smartphones, laptops and desktops are still a staple in schools and homes across the country. And, as the primary way that young students access the internet, these devices need to kept in good working order.

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