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An external hard drive is just one way to backup data

Weighing data backup options

Under the best of circumstances, viruses can be limited to just petty and annoying disruptions. However in the worst case scenario, malware can destroy and devastate a user's computer. In these situations, simple Read More

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Some users find Macs more suitable than PCs

Macs versus PCs: The pros and cons

Apple has gradually established a firmer foothold in the world of consumer electronics, revolutionizing the world of technology with music players, mobile devices and other multimedia products. Their aggressive marketing has also helped establish ...Read More

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All-in-one desktops offer some freedom from cords and excessive components

Buying the right desktop computer

As they would for any other computer purchase, consumers looking to buy a new desktop computer ought to take into account why they actually need one. Gamers or people who work in digital audio and video might need a more sophisticated machine, whi...Read More

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Buying the right laptop doesn't have to be complicated

Buying the right laptop computer

A laptop computer can be a great purchase for the consumer who wants a computer he or she can take anywhere. However, not all laptops are built the same and some might serve a user's needs better than others. It's important for consumers t...Read More

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A Disk Cleanup can get a Windows PC back on its feet

How to run a Disk Cleanup on a Windows PC

Dealing with a slow and sluggish computer can be frustrating, and PC users are sometimes desperate for any way to make their device run faster. While some may immediately opt to ship their unit off for professional Read More

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Some computer problems have relatively easy fixes

Do-it-yourself solutions to common computer problems

Even the smallest computer problem may be enough to frustrate and confuse some PC users. However, some of the most commonly experienced computer issues have relatively easy fixes, which can allow PC users to get their machine up and running smooth...Read More

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Malware can come in many forms

Three more types of malware: Botnets, spyware and rootkits

Though the term malware covers all types of malicious software designed to corrupt, damage or steal data, there are a number of different types of malware. Viruses, worms and Trojans are some of the more commonly known, however there are still oth...Read More

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Viruses are just one type of malware

Three types of malware: Viruses, worms and Trojans

Malware is a general term used to identify any malicious software, code, script or programming designed to harm a computer in some way. Developers may create malware for a number of different reasons, whether they want to gain access to and steal res...Read More

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A Windows stop error can be caused by a number of factors

How to identify and troubleshoot a Windows stop error

Some Windows users may have experienced the unpleasant surprise of a Windows stop error. These are situations in which a Windows personal computer prevents itself from booting up because of a hardware or software problem. They are often accompanie...Read More

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A computer may reboot itself for a number of reasons

Why is my computer constantly rebooting?

At times, a Windows personal computer will reboot itself to recover from a computer crash. This rebooting might also be accompanied by a quick flash of the infamous Blue Screen of Death, an error message Microsoft Windows sometimes generates after...Read More

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