When surfing the internet, consumers are asked to develop and remember a large number of usernames and passwords for nearly every website they visit. It's for good reason – using the same password at every website can leave users more vulnerable. One simple phishing attempt could be all hackers need to obtain users' private information, and even the most sophisticated spyware removal software may not protect consumers if they are using weak security phrases.

At the same time, it can be difficult to remember all the unique passwords demanded by social media networks, online banking outlets and shopping websites. Security experts recommend a few do's and don'ts for consumers who need help tracking their login information.

Write it down

Most might think it risky to write their password down, but it's not a bad practice if the situation is right. As long as the rest of their home is properly secured from people snooping around, consumers can reliably trust that their password can be safely kept in a notebook or on a post-it note. Doing the same at work may not be as wise, but users might still be able to protect passwords kept this way if they don't also write down the corresponding user name or website. Experts warn against keeping passwords in a text file on the computer itself, which is often the first place hackers will look for that information.

Try password-saving programs

A number of free and paid programs allow users to store all of their login information in a secure, encrypted location. The only password they will need to remember is the one for the storage program. Some even develop hard-to-crack passwords for consumers, freeing them from that responsibility.

Reset passwords

Ultimately, users shouldn't get too frustrated if they forget and need to reset their login information. Security experts recommend developing new passwords frequently anyway, so this can actually be a good opportunity to increase security, limit the threat of hacking and possibly avoid a visit to a Virginia spyware removal shop.