Ultrabooks have gotten a lot of attention over the past couple of months for their sleek, thin exteriors, as well as high speed and long-lasting battery. If you received one as a present over the holidays, or recently purchased an ultrabook, then you know that its lightweight design means that the computer is more fragile. Here are a few tips for taking care of your ultrabook to reduce the risk of damaging it and leaving you with an expensive bill for computer repair:

• Handle it with care. One of the only downsides to their portability and slim design is that the ultrabooks are more fragile than previous computers. Just because you can easily slip it into your bag or briefcase, doesn't mean you necessarily should, especially if you have books or other heavy objects in it, as well. Always keep your ultrabook in a case when you're not using it or traveling.

• No eating or drinking. It's just not worth it – liquids can damage your keyboard, cause a short circuit and even corrupt data permanently. It's nice to drink coffee or tea while you work or surf the web, but when it comes to risking permanent damage, it's best to just steer clear. Depending on what you're eating, you could also spill something on the computer, dirty the screen or other surfaces or even get crumbs stuck in the keyboard, which could scratch the LCD monitor.

• Keep it at room temperature. If you've brought the ultrabook outside with you in very warm or cold temperatures, let it either warm up or cool off before turning it on – failing to do so could cause damage the hard drive.

If you're experiencing other problems with your ultrabook, or you did happen to have an accident with it already, don't hesitate to contact a local Washington, D.C. computer repair center, as well.