It seems like it was just yesterday when Windows 7 debuted.  While it’s certainly a more than capable operating system, many users felt that is was not a substantial enough improvement over Windows Vista.  As a result, it became known to some as “Windows Vista 2.0.”  However, the new operating system by Microsoft, Windows 8, is debuting this upcoming fall. Provided below is an early list of features that will definitely get you excited about Microsoft’s newest installment.

  1. Instant Search- Instant search is a feature that has been made popular by mobile devices.  You simply type in the file, website, or contact you are looking for and you are instantly connected.  No more worry about launching unnecessary drop down toolbars.
  2. The Cloud- Windows 8 will now have a built in cloud component that will be a game changer in the PC world.  Now, wherever you log into a computer (or device) running Windows 8, you will have access to all your files and settings at your finger tips.
  3. The App Store- Like Apple’s iTunes store, Microsoft will now be offering apps that allow users to connect to the world like never before.
  4. Improved Task Manager UI- One of Microsoft’s most trusted programs are getting not only a facelift, but a major overhaul to its user interface.  Now you can which programs are bogging down system resources on the fly.
  5. Enhanced Recovery- While built in system recoveries have always been part of Windows, they are now being approached from a different perspective.  New options will allow it to act much more as a reset than an all-out recovery and files and settings will be able to preserve easier.
  6. Internet Explorer 10- The Godfather of all Internet Browsers, Internet Explorer 10 will look to build upon the momentum of Windows 8 and remain one of the world’s must efficient and trusted browsers for 2012 and beyond.
  7. Changes in Interface- Some well needed changes in the interface give Windows 8 a much sleeker, cleaner look and feel.  It now looks a lot more modern to keep up with the current offerings at he moment, completely equipped with the ability to swipe, slide, zoom web pages.  This is something that is going to really be important to those using touch screens.
  8. Touch interface implementation- Ever since the smart phone and tablet boom, touch screens have become increasingly common and the preferred method of data input.  Windows 8 was designed to be used with touch screens.

All in all, Windows 8 may not be for everyone, and there will certainly be a lot of people will be contently stick with Windows 7.  However, those looking for a graphics overhaul, cloud integration, and more customization of their viewing experience ought to get excited about the potential that is: Windows 8.