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HELP! I Deleted My Document!

HELP! I Deleted My Document! One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you accidentally deleting a document. Rather it be an essay that is due the next day, a presentation with the deadline the next day, or the last chapter of the n...Read More

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Help! I got the FBI Virus

Help! I got an FBI virus! What is it? The FBI virus has recently made its evil introduction to the cyber world. It strikes fear into the hearts of those who come across, but what exactly is it. It is actually k...Read More

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Issues with Mac Optical Drives

Issues with Mac Optical Drives Everyone and everything is going digital! As a result, older mediums such as CDs and DVDs are becoming less common and eventually, like its predecessors the cassette tapes and VHS, obsolete. Even newer disc techno...Read More

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Two Anti-Virus Programs at Once

When you have a headache, the first thing you want to do is take some medicine to get better. You may choose from a variety of different medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Nyquil, etc. In the end, you hope that by taking one of those medications...Read More

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Macs and Malware

Apple this and Apple that. Do the success of the iPhone and more recently the iPad, people have gone iCrazy. Everywhere you go you see people with their heads down laying with iPhones and iPads. However, when it comes to laptops and desktop comput...Read More

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Keeping Your Data Safe

We now live in a society in which there is such a large amount of information sharing that sometimes we forget how much we are actually sharing. Nowadays, we let one another know not only what we are thinking, but also where. With torrent sites a...Read More

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If your Mac is running slow, you may need to update your software.

How to update software on a Mac

If your Mac is running like a slow-poke, you may not need to find a Mac repair specialist just yet - it could also mean that you need to update your software....Read More

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Mac computers are not inherently better protected than Windows

Mac computers aren’t exempt from security risks

Many Windows-turned-Mac users bought their new Apple computer with the expectation that they would finally be free from viruses, spyware and other security risks. However, while Macs do experience those threats less frequently, users would be remi...Read More

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Take time to prepare your Mac for the repair shop

What to do before seeking Mac repair

After trying all the at-home tricks and strategies, sometimes there's nothing left to do but to pack up one's computer and bring it in for professional Ma...Read More

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Mac Lion has not been entirely free of problems in its early stage

Bugs in Mac OS X Lion to look out for

While some Apple users have embraced the company's latest operating system, Mac OS X Lion, with open arms, others have been more hesitant and have decided to wait out the initial bumpy period of program glitches and software patches. The latte...Read More

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