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Automatic updates can keep drivers up to date

How to turn on automatic driver updates

Windows provides an automatic update feature that periodically checks for new versions of important maintenance and computer repair components. Experts recomme...Read More

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Drivers help ensure hardware and software are compatible

Driver updates keep computers working smoothly

In the battle to keep Windows PCs operational and avoid extensive computer repair, consumers can gain an advantage by performing regular driver maintenance. A ...Read More

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External hard drives can be useful for storing extra data

Formatting an external hard drive for a Windows PC

As we've suggested in past blog posts, external hard drives can be an ideal way for computer users to backup important data. They can provide a safeguard for individuals whose PCs seem unreliable and appear to require constant Read More

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External hard drives need to be formatted before use

Formatting an external hard drive for a Mac

External hard drives can be handy tools for consumers that want extra storage space for their data. No matter the computer or operating system, these hard drives need to be formatted first for compatibility. Drives that had been previously connect...Read More

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External hard drive not working? Try these solutions

Mac not recognizing external hard drives

External hard drives are just one of the many data storage options available to consumers, and they're typically pretty easy to configure with both Windows and Mac computers. If Mac users find their computer no longer recognizes their external...Read More

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There is such thing as having too much spyware removal software

Is it possible to have too much spyware protection?

In previous posts, we talked about the value of having a spyware removal backup. This might mean a second, free program that would accompany a paid anti-...Read More

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A shared computer network may be susceptible to certain types of malware

Can viruses spread over a shared network?

It's fairly common these days for families to have multiple computers connected to one shared network. After all, it's cheap and easy to set up a router and let the whole family access the internet via the same wireless connection.

...Read More

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