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Two Anti-Virus Programs at Once

When you have a headache, the first thing you want to do is take some medicine to get better. You may choose from a variety of different medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Nyquil, etc. In the end, you hope that by taking one of those medications...Read More

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Macs and Malware

Apple this and Apple that. Do the success of the iPhone and more recently the iPad, people have gone iCrazy. Everywhere you go you see people with their heads down laying with iPhones and iPads. However, when it comes to laptops and desktop comput...Read More

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Stick to trusted sources for Olympic streaming.

Olympic scam sites named by tech blog

By May of this year, government officials had already begun to issue warnings about the tactics cybercriminals may employ to take advantage of Olympic enthusiasts. To curb a global demand for Read More

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Hospital cybersecurity isn't what it should be, researchers say.

Cybersecurity is a big concern for medical organizations

While many people in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C may get justifiably frustrated if their personal computers are corrupted by spyware or viruses, this issue creates an even bigger hassle in a professional environment.  After all, whe...Read More

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The latest Firefox update has a great security boost.

Firefox update boosts online search security

The latest version of the Firefox web browser, Firefox 14, was released on July 17. Following a sweep of cyber attacks that have dominated tech publication headlines over the last few weeks, this update finally gives users some good news regarding...Read More

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Yet another tech giant has been infiltrated by hackers.

Tech company encourages users to vary passwords after largescale hack

Once again, there is cause for internet users across the country to have their devices serviced for spyware and virus removal,  as yet another technology ti...Read More

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Microsoft has issued a fix-it that shuts down its Gadgets feature.

Microsoft warns that Gadgets feature is vulnerable to hackers

Even the most experienced software developers can produce a glitchy product every now and again. After widespread reports that a feature included in newer Windows operating systems, starting with Vista, was susceptible to hackers, Microsoft has of...Read More

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Facebook users will now be able to take action if they suspect a spyware infection.

New Facebook features help protect users from spyware

With all the information that many freely share on social networking sites like Facebook, some may wonder why hackers even need to bother planting spyware. That being said, the company has recently introduced a new feature that will help users mak...Read More

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Few Americans appear to have lost internet access because of the Doomsday virus.

Reported internet “doomsday” is a dud

Despite numerous reports that hundreds of thousands of users would potentially lose internet access on July 9, the day has come and gone with relatively few people clamoring to get a hold of a Read More

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Pirates can be stopped by cutting off their resources, says Google.

Google asks companies to stop helping pirates

Even though video streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu provide users with more movies and television shows than they could watch in a lifetime, many people still turn to piracy websites to download music and movies.

In an effort to crac...Read More

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