Most Geeks On-site technicians aren't phased by headlines about the latest virus or spyware because, for the most part, they know that their Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. virus removal services can take care of the problem. But, there is a new virus targeting governments in the Middle East that is becoming a challenge for international virus and spyware removal experts, and it's called the Flame virus.

Once the Flame virus has infected a network, it can work its way around a local network and onto removable USB drives. Experts still aren't sure how it initially invades a system, but they do know what it's capable of when it does.

Vitaly Kamlyuk, an expert at the Moscow-based IT Security company Kapersky Lab, told the Russian news channel RT that the most impressive and worrying thing about Flame is the sophisticated way it collects information.

Not only does the virus find out personal information by taking over input boxes and cracking encrypted passwords – it also taps into visual and audio information. Flame can get information from audio recorded by a device's microphone and from screen captures it takes on your device.

And with so many ways to compile information, it's no wonder that governments around the world are nervous about this new threat. For Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, virus removal has become a top priority.

Luckily, while the United Nations and other government security forces are figuring out how to hold Flame at bay, there are local Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia spyware removal companies like Geeks On-Site that can take care of the less intimidating but still incredibly frustrating viruses that could infect your computer.