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If your screen is displaying a message you don't understand, take a screen shot so you can show it to someone who does.

How to take a screen shot

Sometimes, your computer does strange things. But when you're busy panicking over losing files, or worried that your project hasn't saved, it can be difficult to rationally articulate the problem, especially over the phone to a Read More

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Trying to learn technical terms can be more than a little daunting.

How to decipher tech terminology

Whether you're reading a computer manual, or speaking with a computer repair professional, it's easy to feel like they're speaking another language...Read More

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HP's founders built their first product in a garage in 1939.

IBM, HP, Dell: How three companies rose to the stage, technically

If you're more of a PC guy (or gal), chances are that you own, or have owned a Dell, HP or IBM computer. And if your computer's getting old, or needs compu...Read More

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Computer repair can be frustrating if the user is not well-versed in technology.

How to speak to a computer repair professional

Computer users who are not technologically inclined may become frustrated by computer repair experts. It may even feel as though they're speaking a differe...Read More

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Windows error messages may refer to RAM deficiencies, which users can fix.

Blue screen does not necessarily mean end of computer

Seemingly only appearing at the most inopportune times, Windows users have for years endured the sudden arrival of a blue screen with white text declaring that the their computer will soon reboot.

This error, known colloquially as the "...Read More

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External hard drives can be useful for storing extra data

Formatting an external hard drive for a Windows PC

As we've suggested in past blog posts, external hard drives can be an ideal way for computer users to backup important data. They can provide a safeguard for individuals whose PCs seem unreliable and appear to require constant Read More

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Users can change the way their power button works

How to change what the power button does

In the past few posts, we've covered a whole slew of Windows shutdown options. The underlying message has been: don't turn off a computer by pressing the power button, unless the PC's having some serious problems and needs a hard reboo...Read More

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Sleep mode allows computers to do just that - sleep

What’s the deal with sleep mode?

In previous posts, we talked about the right way to turn off a computer, and how a "hard shutdown" - when users simply press and hold the power button to turn their computer off - can cause serious issues that may later require Read More

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All-in-one desktops offer some freedom from cords and excessive components

Buying the right desktop computer

As they would for any other computer purchase, consumers looking to buy a new desktop computer ought to take into account why they actually need one. Gamers or people who work in digital audio and video might need a more sophisticated machine, whi...Read More

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A Windows stop error can be caused by a number of factors

How to identify and troubleshoot a Windows stop error

Some Windows users may have experienced the unpleasant surprise of a Windows stop error. These are situations in which a Windows personal computer prevents itself from booting up because of a hardware or software problem. They are often accompanie...Read More

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