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Apple admits its Macs may not be invincible.

Apple admits to virus vulnerability

The reign of the Trojan Flashback virus was a humbling moment for a company that, until then, had seemed invincible in the eyes of consumers. Now, a few months after the bulk of attacks, Apple has admitted that, occasionally, its devices may requi...Read More

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One quick trick can help you boost your password strength.

A quick trick to fix weak passwords

At this point, you've already been warned about the overall weakness of online account passwords, told just how many accounts have been hacked on LinkedIn and eHarmony and even taught what hackers can do once they have their hands on your cod...Read More

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Arm your computer with the best security software.

Finding the best antivirus software for your device

You probably already knew that you should invest in antivirus protection for your desktop computer. And now, after the the recent string of virus attacks and password crackings, it seems like the pressure to protect your computer is greater than e...Read More

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1 percent of online passwords can be hacked in 10 guesses, says study.

Password security is getting slacker, study shows

While your online passwords are your key to accessing everything from your social networks to your finances, they are also a major target for cybercriminals. There are countless bots tirelessly working to generate login passwords, so it's in ...Read More

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Olympic enthusiasts are a big target for cybercriminals, says report.

Summer Olympic fans may be prime targets for hackers, says report

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London will bring in a whole new wave of cyberattacks, reports the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC). Anyone following the games should be on guard for scams and malware campaigns, oth...Read More

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The Flame virus is attacking government agencies in the Middle East.

New Flame virus goes after government information

Most Geeks On-site technicians aren't phased by headlines about the latest virus or spyware because, for the most part, they know that their Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. Read More

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iPad users may be in trouble if Apple's mobile operating system gets infected.

IT expert says Apple won’t be prepared if iOS gets attacked

Though Macbook and iMac owners have recently had reason to call virus and spyware removal and Read More

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Facebook users, be vigilant. New scam reported.

Facebook users beware: new scam reported

While the technicians at Geeks On-Site do offer a fast and effective virus removal service, they'd prefer your computer files weren't corrupted in the ...Read More

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With new viruses coming out frequently, it's important to keep your computer protected.

Virus Alert: Nearly 600,000 Apple computers get hit with Flashback virus

For a long time, computers using Apple's Macintosh software were largely ignored by hackers who create viruses, because Microsoft was still the major operating system. But, as Apple products continue to gain popularity, Mac users may need to ...Read More

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The iPad 2 was released last March, and the release of the iPad 3 is still unconfirmed.

Rumor has it: iPad 3 will be released in March

Beginning with Apple's release of the first iPad in April 2010, tablets have hit the world by storm, changing the way we interact and use computers. Although the concept of the tablet computer had been around for some time, the iPad's li...Read More

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