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When logging into popular websites such as Twitter, check the domain name to make sure it is spelled correctly, so you're not a victim of typosquatters.

What is typosquatting?

Have you ever misspelled a website's domain name while typing in a URL? It happens all the time, and usually, you are just directed to an error page. But, some clever hackers have caught onto this, and have been taking advantage of common typ...Read More

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If you're planning to buy your presents online, make your purchases on secure websites only.

How to shop online safely this holiday season

The infamous "Black Friday" is upon us, which signals the beginning of this year's holiday shopping season. Each year, rather than face the caffeine-crazed shoppers who've been waiting outside since 4 a.m., many people have decid...Read More

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Don't share your computer passwords with anyone.

How to create a stronger password

With email, countless social media accounts, online banking, e-commerce and logins for nearly every website these days, we need to make a lot of passwords.

For many of us, it's simply too many passwords to remember, so we use one passwo...Read More

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The latest installment of the "Twilight" movies has prompted a new computer virus.

Virus alert: “Twilight” lovers, take heed

And we thought vampire babies sounded scary.

The upcoming release of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1" has prompted some cyber hackers to create a new computer virus aimed specifically at Twilight (also referred to as "Twi-har...Read More

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Web browsers like Google Chrome can give you faster and safer internet access.

The best web browsers do more than just browse

Nowadays, there are nearly as many web browsers as there are flavors of ice cream. But a simple upgrade or switch can significantly speed up your web surfing, block pop up ads and even help protect you from needing computer Read More

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When it comes to data transfer, floppy disks have been replaced by email and USB drives.

Exploring alternate methods of file transfer

For all its flaws, one positive aspect of traditional mail service is that it rarely prevents an individual from sending a file because of its type or size, unlike email providers. If and until cloud data transfer becomes the preferred method of e...Read More

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Users can use a flash drive to take advantage of ReadyBoost

Getting a grasp on ReadyBoost in Windows Vista and 7

Microsoft offers a number of tips for consumers who want to speed up their computer's performance, including standard virus removal, defragmentation and regu...Read More

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Consumers may want the expanded features of a paid anti-virus suite

Shopping for paid anti-virus software

While some consumers rely on free virus removal software to protect their computers, others want the expanded features and extensive coverage of a paid anti-viru...Read More

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PC users should be on the lookout for telltale signs that their computer has a virus

Does my computer have a virus?

Most PC users dread the day their computer starts acting suspiciously. Some may notice certain programs are running slowly, or that their browser is restricting access to certain websites. Others may not be able to pinpoint exactly what's wron...Read More

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