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If you're having trouble reading the screen on your Mac, try zooming in to increase the font size.

How to change font size for Macs

If you feel as though you almost need to touch your nose to your computer's screen to read the print on your Mac, it doesn't necessarily mean that you need Read More

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To make your Mac more PC-compatible, later Mac OS versions allow you to install and run Windows.

How to make your Mac PC-compatible

Mac computers are growing in popularity, but PCs are still used in a large number of businesses, schools and other administrative services. While new Apple and Windows software has been created with compatibility in mind (such as Microsoft Office ...Read More

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External hard drives need to be formatted before use

Formatting an external hard drive for a Mac

External hard drives can be handy tools for consumers that want extra storage space for their data. No matter the computer or operating system, these hard drives need to be formatted first for compatibility. Drives that had been previously connect...Read More

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Apple's Mac Mini is sold without a keyboard, mouse or monitor

New Mac Mini a departure from previous versions

Apple users tired of performing Mac repair on their old desktop may have considered upgrading to the newest version of the Mac Mini. Apple's latest Mini, ...Read More

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Lion offers new features that are similar to what one might find in Apple's mobile devices

New features offered in Mac OS X Lion

Apple's new operating system, known as Mac OS X Lion, was released this summer, and it's received favorable reviews for its new user-friendly features. Most consumers like to buy Apple computers for security purposes, and Lion continues to...Read More

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Users are advised to do some spring cleaning on their Mac

Spring cleaning a Mac computer

Just like with any Windows PC, it can be helpful to free up some disk space on a Mac. After all, there's only so much space on the Mac startup disk, and it's not impossible to max out that drive. Taking some time every once in a while to d...Read More

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