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Sharing files can be a great way to get new music, but there are risks involved, too.

P2P file-sharing: the risks

Peer-to-peer (P2P) network file sharing can be a great way to access other people's music and games, but anytime you decide to share files, you need to be careful. Once you download the P2P software, it can be tough to know just how many ...Read More

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Wireless internet is very convenient, but you need to make sure yours is secure.

How to make your wireless network secure: Part 2

Due to the sophistication of modern threats, making sure that your Wi-Fi is truly secure involves more than just setting a password. In Read More

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Change both the Wi-Fi and the router administration password for more security.

How to make your wireless network secure: Part 1

Setting up your wireless router can be a bit of a pain, but once you finally get internet, the job is still far from over. You need to make your network secure, and that doesn't mean just having a password. But it's worth it - an open wire...Read More

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If you do a lot of online holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, make sure to be a safe shopper.

Virus Alert: Beware of Cyber Monday scams

Shopping online during the holidays certainly has its benefits: you can sleep in, avoid the crowds and hunt for bargains in your pajamas. During the past couple of years, the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday weekend has seen a huge spike ...Read More

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Trojan Horse viruses, such as Duqu, disguise themselves as harmless programs.

New Duqu computer virus targets industrial control systems

Whether it's strep throat or cyber malware such as worms, one thing is certain: viruses are no fun.

Anyone who's gone through owning a computer when a virus strikes knows that it's a scary reality, involving Read More

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Factors like the computer's age can help you decide whether or not to buy a new computer.

Fix it or nix it: When to invest in computer repair, and when to buy a new one

So, your computer's getting old.

Its once-sleek exterior is ridden with nicks and scratches, downloading one song takes a half hour and the B keeps popping off your keyboard. Maybe it's simply time to let it go. But, then again, may...Read More

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Computer users should be careful of a new virus sent from a fraudster claiming to be from the IRS.

Security alert: Scam veiled as government correspondence

Several media outlets are warning computer users about a new scam that attempts to solicit money from them to remove a virus affecting their computer.

When opened, the email, which claims to be either from the IRS or the New York State Poli...Read More

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A shared computer network may be susceptible to certain types of malware

Can viruses spread over a shared network?

It's fairly common these days for families to have multiple computers connected to one shared network. After all, it's cheap and easy to set up a router and let the whole family access the internet via the same wireless connection.

...Read More

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Consumers have options when shopping for anti-virus protection

Finding the right mix when it comes to malware protection

Consumers in the market for malware removal software will encounter a bevy of options, and it can be difficult to decide exactly how much and which types of software to purchase. After all, a spyware-fighting program won't cover them for virus...Read More

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An external hard drive is just one way to backup data

Weighing data backup options

Under the best of circumstances, viruses can be limited to just petty and annoying disruptions. However in the worst case scenario, malware can destroy and devastate a user's computer. In these situations, simple Read More

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