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In addition to much of the typical software, bloatware is usually pre-installed on your computer when you get it.

What is bloatware?

Have you ever ever wondered why your new laptop comes pre-installed with a bunch of programs that you rarely use? Or, if you've updated some of your software, why your computer is still running slow? It doesn't necessarily mean that you ...Read More

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Because they are free and easy to use, millions of people have started blogs all over the world.

Should you start a blog?

Blogs are hugely popular these days, and sometimes it seems like nearly every business, news source and stay-at-home mom has created a blog to share their thoughts with the world. In fact, as of this summer, the popular blog hosting site, Tumblr, ...Read More

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The traditional layout of Facebook will soon be changing, and some hackers are taking advantage of this transition to try to scam Facebook users.

Virus Alert: Be wary of the latest scams on Facebook

With all this talk of Facebook's impending switch to the Timeline layout, many people have been voicing concern over whether or not they like the new look and, more importantly, if it violates their privacy. But, to be clear: as of now, Read More

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Before buying a new computer, many people check out online reviews to see what others think, but those aren't always accurate, either.

How to spot fake online reviews

Whether it's a desktop or smartphone, when you're considering purchasing a new piece of technology, you want to know about what others think of it. A great way to do so is to check out the online reviews of the product to get some feedba...Read More

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Many people are turning to technology to help them meet their fitness goals.

Can your technology help you lose weight?

One of the most common New Year's resolutions is: "I want to lose weight." Studies have shown that fitness goals are often better achieved if you have sufficient motivation, as well as support from others - often a personal trainer ...Read More

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The iMac is an example of an "all-in-one" computer, because the hard drive is attached to its monitor, rather than in a separate tower.

Are all-in-one computers the wave of the future?

Technology aficionados across the world spent much of this week engrossed by the news from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual tech consortium held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the most popular new models and designs included what&...Read More

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Your personal computer files may not pile up like your other junk, but they're still cluttering up your desktop and slowing your computer.

How to keep your computer organized in 2012

Every January, people across the world make resolutions for the new year, and more often than not, many of these individuals resolve to become more organized. But, being organized doesn't just mean that you color code your closet or clean out...Read More

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Most smartphones can now play music, which means MP3 players like the iPod will soon be obsolete.

RIP technology: Four popular types that will very soon be no longer

As technology has progressed, we've had to say goodbye to cassette tapes, VHS players and bulky cathode-ray-tube television sets. We've had to throw out the box-like desktop computers that gathered dust in our closets after the local Read More

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Beware of computer hackers - some may even call you on the telephone, and try to get you to give them remote access to your computer.

Scam Alert: Beware of hackers – even over the phone


Residents across Connecticut reported receiving strange telephone calls on Monday, December 19, from a so-called computer repair company. The cal...Read More

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Google's social media platform, Google+, just might be a match for Facebook.

Is Google+ the new Facebook?


Ever since Google launched its new social media platform, Google+, this past summer, people have been abuzz as to whether it will turn out to be Facebook's most serious competitor yet.

Google+ has many similar features to...Read More

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