Users on newer Windows computers can benefit from a tool Microsoft provides that allows them to restore their system to an earlier status. Microsoft unveiled its System Image program with Windows 7, and the tool makes an exact copy of a particular drive, its settings, installed programs and certain files. The program is typically useful for users whose computer is still acting strangely even after running Spyware removal software.

Creating a System Image

1. Click "Start" in the lower right hand corner of the screen and select "Control Panel"
2. In the "Control Panel" dialog box, select "Back up your computer" under the heading "System and Security"
3. Click "Create a System Image"
4. The next dialog box will ask where to save the System Image. Users can save the image to an external hard drive, multiple DVDs or on a network location
5. After selecting a destination, users can choose which drives to include in the backup – normally the (C:) drive, which is their computer's hard drive. While it's possible to backup several drives, it's quicker to back up one at a time.
6. The next screen will provide a visualization for how much space the backup will take and where the copied drive will be installed. It could take several minutes to an hour or more to create the backup, depending on the size of the drive being copied and its destination.

Once they've created their System Image, users can access the image and restore their computer to its previous condition by returning to Control Panel and selecting "Back up your computer" under the heading "System and Security."


Restoring a computer with a System Image will recover the computer to its previous state, meaning any new files or programs users may have installed won't be restored. Users are advised to backup important files and programs elsewhere.

Additionally, a System Image won't get rid of a virus or Spyware by itself, it will simply restore a computer's operations and system to a previous state. Consumers are advised to seek professional Virginia Spyware removal to eliminate malware, and they can use a System Image afterward to remedy any nagging problems, such as sluggish performance.