With Apple seemingly taking over the electronic industry, it is now more important than ever to understand some of the most critical and helpful features of the Mac OS. While Mac computers certainly offer stylistic and security benefits over the PC, they are much more difficult to repair. Replacing HDDs on a Mac desktop may be an easy task, replacing or upgrading the HDD on a Macbook Pro or MacAir may seem like rocket science to most. In fact, the majority of people who experience problems with Mac laptops simply contact a computer repair company and have them do the work for them. This is not only costly, but also takes a good amount of time. In this guide, we will discuss some of the benefits of Target Disk Mode, what is does, and how it can save you time and money.

What is Target Disk Mode?
Target Disk Mode is a built-in utitlity to newer versions of the Mac OSX. It allows the HDD of the target computer to connect to another Mac (host) computer.
What are some of the features of using Target Disk Mode?
• Accessing all the files on the target HDD
• Accessing boot volumes on the target HDD
• File transfer between Mac/Windows computers
• Disk Repair and troubleshooting
• System backup and restoring
• Accessing CD/DVD Drives on another Mac

What are some of the benefits of using Target Disk Mode?
• Because it connects through Firewire, there is a serious speed increase over USB
• Easy to use and configure
• Eliminates need to open the target computer
• Allows easy OS and disk installs on computers without an optical drive (Mac Air)

How do I put my computer in Target Disk Mode?
• Connect firewire cable from target Mac to host Mac computer
• Hold down the “T” key until the firewire logo appears
• Open System preferences on target computer, choose startup disk, and select target disk mode. Upon rebooting, the computer automatically will set itself into Target Disk Mode

Target Disk Mode is simply one of the most useful utilities built into the Mac OS. It makes file transfer, program/OS installs a synch. However, if you are still struggling with these steps, contact a computer repair company for help.